I'm Elijah Rosier.

Please note that I will develop this website further when I have spare time. If there's something missing that you feel should be included, please let me know via email.

I am currently studying my BSc Computer Science at Swansea University, and am currently in my first year. I have had several years of web-development experience in real world situations. During my foundation year at University I was lucky enough to get a job at a Managed Services Provider where I was able to gain even more experience in both web-design and IT Support.

During my time there I was able to understand how to work in a team environment with multiple on-going projects and get an insight to business security and the measures in place to help keep integrity, availability and confidentiality at all times.

Despite being at University I am constantly striving to better myself in the world of IT and more specifically, Software Development and IT Security. Throughout the time on my course I am looking into the possibility of taking several BCS accredited certifications, to prepare myself for the future and progress as much as I can.

I am also the Director of GigaNetwork, a company that provides and supports Cloud Servers for our clients. I set GigaNetwork up in my free time, but now it's become more of a full time occupation, which I am proud of and hope to continue for many years.

Check out my current certifications: